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【音楽番組】180803 Music Station 2H SP.mp4

180803 ミュージックステーション 2時間スペシャル (Music Station) (x265)(1080p)

今夜のMステはリクエストSP.嵐が甲子園中継・三浦大知・Hey! Say! JUMP・TWICE・斉藤和義・スキマスイッチ(応援ゲスト田中圭)がリクエスト楽曲を続々披露!
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【バラエティ番組】180804 川栄李奈がたどるヒロシマ.mp4

180804 川栄李奈がたどるヒロシマ
180804 Kawaei Rina ga Tadoru Hiroshima

Kawaei Rina (ex AKB48, graduated in 2015) hosts/narrates a making of ‘Yuunagi no Machi Sakura no Kuni 2018’, a manga-based drama set in post-war Hiroshima in which she has one of the main roles.

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【バラエティ番組】180804 畑でMarry Me!| Hatake de Marry Me! #18.mp4

180804 Hatake de Marry Me! ep18 (Sasaki Yukari)
配信日: 2018-07-21
出演: AKB48 Team 8
シリーズ: 畑でMarry Me!
再生時間: 00:02:29
タグ: In this Saturday mini-show, an AKB48 member spends 3 days on a farm as a ‘farmer’s wife’. The goal is to promote agriculture. There are always several episodes with the same member. This is the first episode with Sasaki Yukari (Team B).
File size: 82.04 MB
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【ドラマ】180801 AKB48G – マジムリ学園 #02.mp4

180801 AKB48G – マジムリ学園 ep02 (Majimuri Gakuen)


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